Avoid Excess with Travel Insurance

There is a lot to think about when you are travelling, one of the very important factors to consider is how you will get about.  Naturally there will be some use of public transport if your destination allows it but there are times when you will want the use of a vehicle to make getting from A to B and back again simpler.

Airport car hire is a fantastic way to ensure your travels within your trip run more smoothly.  Because the vehicles are usually near new you can relax knowing that they are safe and will be reliable.  Knowing that they have been maintained well and serviced to industry standards is also a comfort that your driving time whilst on holidays will be hassle free.  Having said that, there are times when things are unavoidable and it’s nice to know you are covered for when unforeseen circumstances arise.

Breakdowns can sometimes occur no matter how good the condition is of the vehicle.  Little random things can go wrong, even things that could have been prevented such as locking the keys in the car.  For these rare occasions it is comforting to know that the airport car hire company you have loaned your vehicle from has roadside assistance cover.  But what about things that are not covered and that may end up costing you a lot more than you planned for?

It’s a very unfortunate event to discuss but there is always a possibility that you could be involved in a car accident or that someone damages your vehicle whilst it is parked.  Should such a situation occur then you may be looking at quite a hefty bill.  This is depending on if the accident is your fault and what kind of insurance the other party has of course but if the accident is your fault then you will be required to pay for some damages.   Damage on cars can get into the high thousands depending on the extent and the excess for you to pay to the hire company could be quite painful.

One way to avoid any extra injury to yourself via your hip pocket is to take out travel insurance.  It is always wise to take out travel insurance anyway if you are travelling around of course and the benefits you will reap should you get yourself into a tricky situation with a hire vehicle and damages will be priceless.  Rather than worrying about how to pay for excess you can simply work on getting yourself back on the road sooner to get on with your holiday.  And there is no better reason than that.