Car Hire Comparison Sunshine Coast

Car Hire Sunshine Coast ComparisonWhen Holidaying on the Sunshine Coast, many people and families find that at some stage they will want to hire a car so they may see the sights and enjoy the many activities that are on offer here on the Sunshine Coast. So it’s a good idea to do a car hire comparison for Sunshine Coast providers of hire vehicles.

There are many choices for car hire and they range from the big companies that have branches all over Australia and the world to the smaller local companies that are family owned and managed.

The bigger Car Rentals are mainly based at or outside the airports and so can incur fees and charges when hiring through them.  With Go Rent A Car it does not matter where you may be holidaying or living as Go Rent a Car will deliver to your accommodation, your home, or wherever you may be getting your car repaired or serviced.

How To Compare & Choose The Right Car Hire Service On The Sunshine Coast

This is a service that is not always available with other car rentals but with Go Rent a Car it is a welcome service when you have a family without a car, or your car needs repaired or serviced and you are without the means to travel to get a hire vehicle.

Go Rent a Car immediately takes that problem away by delivering to you. This delivery service also gives a personal touch to hiring a car and is appreciated by clients as being a great service. The service does not stop at delivering and not only does Go Rent A Car deliver you car to you wherever you may be but this convenient service will also pick the car up when your hire is finished.

Go Rent a Car is not limited to just the Sunshine Coast though when it comes to delivery.

  • Since Go Rent a Car began some eleven years ago it has seen the need to offer a pick up and drop off service to the Brisbane International and Domestic Airports.  This is a service that is appreciated by holidaymakers or locals who want to get to the Sunshine Coast but are unable to fly in to the Maroochydore Airport…
  • Go Rent a Car has a service where couples, families or solo travellers can be picked up from Brisbane, and driven back to the coast.  There after finalising the contract they are able to take the car and start their holiday.  Once they have finished their holiday Go Rent a Car will take them back to Brisbane Airport in time for their flight home.  This service works out considerably cheaper and more convenient than an Airport Transfer bus.  It does not have the wait for other passengers to arrive and it there is no dropping off to different locations or changing buses enroute.  Go Rent a Car will pick up from Brisbane and with no stops will take you directly to the Sunshine Coast.
  • Another difference between Go Rent a Car and some of the bigger car rentals is that you will not be left listening to elevator music while waiting for an operator to answer your call. Your call will be answered immediately, if not by Vianne then by one of the family.
  • Another thing that sets Go Rent a Car apart from other Car Rentals is the fact that all quotes have insurance included and Go Rent a Car also has one of the lowest excesses around.
  • We do not charge a $3000, or a $2000 or even a $1000 excess.  We do not add on an extra $6, $10 or $15 per day to lower the excess because at Go Rent A Car we are trying to make the process of hiring a car as simple and as easy as possible.
  • We have good, well maintained and very clean vehicles with no car being older than eight years.  Compared to other cheap or budget car rentals that have cars as old as fifteen years or more, we at Go Rent a Car try to keep the fleet as young as practicable.  This also helps reduce the possibility of breakdowns.

So when coming to the Sunshine Coast and you are looking to hire a car, look no further than Go Rent A Car because I can guarantee that not only will you get a car that will suit your needs, you will also get a car that is very competitive in price compared to other car rentals and you will also receive at no extra cost a friendly service from a local family owned business whose main aim is to help you with your car hire. I look forward to meeting you