Consider your Luggage

Often when we travel we have some luggage to take along with us. Unless it is an overnight stay, it is rare that a small bag is all that is required. So when we travel we need to take our luggage into consideration. For example, if we are travelling on a plane, we need to consider the weight and if it will come under the included baggage allowance. Another instance when the amount of luggage needs to be considered is for a car rental.

Renting a car is a fantastic idea when travelling. It makes getting about from A to B much simpler, especially if it is for a large group or family. However, as mentioned, there can be quite a good deal of luggage involved, particularly if the trip is long, the group is large, or if there are children included. If you are travelling with children, especially babies, there seems to be so much more to carry – prams, nappy bags and portacots, to name just a few essentials.

Go bigger

Because of this, hiring a small car may not be a feasible option if you need to fit luggage into the vehicle as well. What you can consider is hiring a larger car. By doing this you can still fit all the passengers you need to into the car but there is no one cramped with baggage sitting on their laps.

Ask questions

If you are not sure of the size of the vehicle you will need, you can always ask the hire company you intend to hire from for advice. They will have a good knowledge of the vehicles they have available and the storage space of each. Some vehicles have better storage solutions than others and your chosen car hire company can advise on what they for hire.

Ask about additions

Most car hire companies have extras that can be hired out with their cars for a small additional daily fee. Restraints and booster seats for children are often available, which can save the hassle of you needing to take yours along. Travelling will be a lot simpler for you if you don’t have to lug a car seat about and you can just collect the vehicle with it installed for you.

If you require that little bit of extra storage, ask your hire company if they provide roof racks. This means if the car of your choice doesn’t quite have the space you need inside or if you have bulky items such as surfboards, etcetera, roof racks can provide the perfect space/storage solution.

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