Don’t Let Damages Ruin you

At some stage in most people’s lives they may find cause to hire a vehicle. This could be for any number of reasons such as business, holidays or even because their own car is out of commission. Being able to access a vehicle through car rental can make life very simple in these instances and more.

However, if you don’t keep yourself well enough informed about the ins and outs of car hire, life can become more complicated. The trick then is to make sure you are armed with all the right information and to be sure that you understand everything that is expected of you whilst the car is in your possession and care.

Protect yourself

When hiring a car, there will always be terms and conditions that are outlined. These will vary from company to company and people who undertake car hire should never assume they know what these are until they have read those of the particular company from where they are hiring.

Sometimes these parts of a contract can seem a little ‘wordy’ or involved and some may find these confusing, not feeling like they are 100% sure they understand what the terms and conditions are. If ever this should happen to you, don’t ignore it; ask questions.

The best way you can protect yourself against unknowingly breaching a hire contract on a vehicle is to make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions before you walk away with the keys, particularly where damage cover is concerned. Damage cover is where the hirer of the vehicle will enjoy the benefit of the insurance that covers the Company. Generally, this means that you are covered in the event of damage to the vehicle hired or to third party property, provided it is not owned by yourself, a friend, relative, passenger or associate.

Of course this sort of cover is subject to certain things and, again, can vary. However, the following is fairly typical of being able to qualify for damage cover:

– That the Collision Damage/Loss Liability charge is paid;
– That no terms and conditions of the Agreement have been breached;
– That the hirer is not being covered under any policy of insurance; and
– That the hirer will provide all required information and assistance as requested by the Company’s insurer or anyone acting on behalf of them.

Again, if you are ever in doubt, always consult the company from where you intend to hire a vehicle. You can find out more information about hiring a budget-friendly vehicle and what damage cover is offered by clicking here.