Hire Car Considerations

There are many different reasons people may need to hire a car. Holidays, business or even needing a car when someone does not normally own one. Whatever the reason, it’s important to ensure you have chosen the right company and given some careful thought about the car you will hire.

Know what you need.

Of course it would seem silly to hire a people mover sized van if you only really require a sedan. Before you go perusing websites for what is available, decide exactly what you need. By doing this you are able to head straight for that particular style of car and compare prices rather than be swamped down with a myriad of car hire prices.

Ask questions.

If there is anything at all on the website you can’t find information you want on or you are unsure of any of the details, ask. The importance of being informed cannot be stressed enough. You will be a lot better off if you know exactly what is included or not included in the car hire costs and if you are absolutely certain you have made all the enquiries you can. If you have a few questions, write them down before making the call so you won’t forget anything.

Be responsible.

Although all reputable car hire companies have insurances and road side services, you don’t want to be caught out whilst enjoying your Sunshine Coast holidays. Don’t assume that all insurances etc are taken care of for you and be responsible for yourself. Find out about travel insurance and if yours can cover any accidents in hire cars or extra costs you may inadvertently wind up with. Accidents do happen.

Understand your terms and conditions.

Every company that sells a product or service has them. Some of them can be quite ‘wordy’ and others pretty straight forward. For your own good, make sure you read them before signing anything and if you are unsure what anything means, again, ask.

Cast a keen eye.

Just because it’s a hire company, don’t assume that there won’t be some minor scratch or electrical fault in something like an automatic window that they may have accidentally missed. Check absolutely everything and if you do discover anything that is not on the pickup sheet then bring it up with the friendly staff straight away. Be particular and pedantic; you don’t want to pay for damages not caused by you.

At the end of the day, never assume that everything is as it should be until you are satisfied you have checked everything. Whilst the car hire company will be very reliable and honest, they too can sometimes miss things and it’s best that two parties have checked that all is as it should be.