Roadside Assistance for Rental Cars

When you hire a vehicle from a reputable car rental Sunshine Coast company there is usually very little chance of a breakdown. The near new and economy cars that you can rent are reliable and of high quality. Your driver comfort is assured and your safety is a top priority. Rental cars are thoroughly checked over and carefully maintained to meet the highest industry standard. But in the real world, unforseen things happen and when you do experience a breakdown in a rental vehicle, it’s good to know you can rely on getting the assistance you need.

In the event that such a rare occurrence of a break down happens, you will rest in the knowledge that your rental car is registered with RACQ for services and breakdowns. 24 hour breakdown assistance is provided by RACQ and will respond in a timely manner to get you travelling again. This kind of service is wonderful as usually if you are hiring a car you would be from out of town. The knowledge that you don’t have to try to get yourself in contact with a tow company and repairer in a town that you are not at all familiar with can reduce a lot of the stress that can already occur with rental car breakdowns.

A car breaking down is certainly something you have no control over however there are some things that occur with cars that, even though accidents happen, may have been prevented. Those moments when you suddenly realise, with annoyed disbelief, that you have locked the keys in the car or when you curse yourself by not stopping at the fuel station when you think you should, and end up stranded on the side of the road. The RACQ are there for you at these times too but you should remember there is a callout fee for these and check when you make the call what the fee will be. No doubt a small fee compared to the idea of figuring out how to get yourself into a locked car with no keys or how far you have to walk to the next petrol station in an area you don’t know, possibly at night.

Yes, the RACQ is a wonderful roadside assistance to have on your side when it comes to rental cars. If you own your own vehicle that is registered with a roadside repairer you will probably know full well how invaluable such a service is. With rentals, you are just as safe as if it was your own car.