Tips on Renting a Car

Car rentals are a great way to get about when you are on holidays or if you require the use of a car and don’t have one yourself.  With so many people leading busy lifestyles or needing their own vehicle to get around on holidays, the convenience that comes with renting a car is huge.  There are, however, some things to keep an eye out for when renting a vehicle and some tips to follow.  This article will give you a guideline

First and foremost, you will need to do a bit of homework online to compare the costs involved with car rentalincluding the extras such as what you will be expected to pay in the event of loss or damage to vehicle.  Take note of what is included in your car rental as well.  Things like roadside assistance may come in very handy on the odd chance the car breaks down.  If you are going to contact the rental facility by phone then write down any questions you may have first to ensure you don’t forget anything.

Double check with your car rental representative the fine print about the distance you may drive the vehicle.  For instance, you may not necessarily be able to drive it interstate and leave it at another depot.  Make sure you know exactly what is expected in regard to the vehicle and if there is anything at all related to charges that you don’t understand, ask.  The term ignorance is bliss is not a wise one when it comes to car rentals and you may end up with a larger bill at the end if you don’t follow the guidelines.

Check the vehicle you are to drive away thoroughly inside and out for any damage to paintwork, upholstery, door trims and even carpets.  You don’t want to be charged for any damages that you are sure you didn’t cause.  Always remember that your cars fuel tank will be full when you take over the keys and it should be returned in this state too.  Do the right think and return your car at the time agreed upon.  Once the car is back it may need to be cleaned and ready for another customer to pick up and if you are late this could create a snowball effect, you may also wind up with extra charges if it is too late.

There are many more tips on car rentals that are useful to know.  The best tip of all is to ask as many questions as you like or can think of, it’s better to ask than assume.